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Confidence and Weight Bigotry

I have NOT been here in a while and I’m glad because coming here just pisses me off now. This is a rant mixed with advice I guess.

Ofcourse we all live in a world where body image corrupted by societal views is the shit. Most girls want to be pencil thin because they think that’s what will make them look better etc. Have it ever fucking occurred to you that, Hey! Being skinny isn’t worth and doesn’t do shit. It just makes you skinny. I myself don’t see the hype. I was looking at a bunch of videos by Trisha Paytas( blndsundoll4mj) on youtube and the comments literally made me sick. I’m looking at a confident, beautiful, funny, sexy young woman who is given constant hate for her size. Which brings me to the main point in this post, she is HAPPY with herself and she LOVES her BODY though she isn’t want society wants her to be and that pisses people off. People see bigger people in short shorts, or form fitting clothes and that pisses them off. It pisses them off that that person loves themself in a world where if you are NOT pencil thin you should hate yourself. NOTHING THREATENS A IDIOTIC PERSON MORE THAN SEEING A BIGGER PERSON HAPPY WITH WHO THEY ARE! It’s true. I’m not discriminating on skinny people either but it’s true. Why should I go around hating myself and my body, feeling down and having low self esteem just because I’m not the “model body”..when really and truly to me ALL BODIES ARE MODEL BODIES and alot of other people big and small think so too it’s just those shallow bigots who won’t know the truth. Making fun of someone just because they are bigger shows how lame, uneducated you are and how much of a low ass self esteem you have and how much you DON’T love yourself so you have to talk shit about others just because they do. So anyone out there who has been talked about because they aren’t skinny…THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU but there certainly is something wrong with the person talking about you. You are mother fuckin beautiful as fuck and you need to see that. It may take a while it may not but you need to learn to love the hell out of yourself because you only live once don’t blow it and waste your life just to be something else when you’re already perfect the way you are. How is somebody going to love you if you can’t love yourself? You’re a fucking ass kicking person no matter how you look and you need to wake up and tell yourself that everyday. And the next person to call you FAT just smile because you know what? Fat isn’t a bad word, fat doesn’t mean you’re not healthy. So fuck all the idiots who talk shit. Legit just fuck them! Cause the minute someone has to say something mean to you you are already above them. My stomach may be a little flat but legs and thighs and arms are thick as fuck and I don’t care you don’t see me whining, even though I used too I don’t. I’m sexy…and you are too!

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